About Us

Date Of Establishment 31/May/2000

Literacy and Education are strong indicators of development in a society. It is an established fact that the quality of education is influenced by the quality of teachers, their commitment and motivation for the teaching profession, their understanding about children's learning, social expectations, classrooms practices and pedagogical alternatives. Therefore, training of teachers becomes an important component in improving the quality of education.

Dr. Rajendra Pradsad Educational Society was established in the year 2000. We registered our society in the year 2000. Dr. Rajendra Pradsad Educational Society was established to give education for D.EI.Ed / BTC course and other professional courses.

Our Library

The City College Library collectively supports the teaching, research and extension programmes of the Institute. All students and faculty members of the Institute are entitled to make use of the Library facilities on taking library membership. The Library, besides having a huge collection of books and offers library services through its various Divisions.

Our Library holds 78 Reference Books, approx 1050 text books,11 Journals, computer System with internet, multimedia and news paper is also available.

Our Mission

City College emphasizes the all-round development of its students. It aims at producing not only good professionals, teachers, but also good and worthy citizens of a great country, aiding in its overall progress and development.

It endeavours to treat every student as an individual, to recognize their potential and to ensure that they receive the best preparation and training for achieving their career ambitions and life goals.

Our Vision

To provide a clean and simple understanding of the complex, dynamic and rapidly growing situations of national and international environment and to give them a concept of skillful management in different situation of their areas of learning .

To create and to cater knowledge and to provide education for the next generation.

To develop the Leadership qualities, capability to motivate other towards the achievement of the organization objectives and develop scope.