Our Library

The City College Library collectively supports the teaching, research and extension programmes of the Institute. All students and faculty members of the Institute are entitled to make use of the Library facilities on taking library membership. The Library, besides having a huge collection of books and offers library services through its various Divisions.

Our Library holds 78 Reference Books, approx 1050 text books,11 Journals, computer System with Internet, Multimedia and Newspaper is also available.


Currently college has well equipped labs for D.EI.Ed / BTC course.. Students are encouraged to undertake practice tutorials to gain proficiency and precision in drawing inferences.

Computer Lab

The fully air conditioned, , sophisticated and spacious computer centre is a matter of tremendous pride for the college. Extensively equipped with the latest hardware and software, the systems are interconnected through a Local Area Network to the centralized server.


The hostel facility at City College will enable you to experience the fully residential way of learning even though you are away from your home. This is to enable you to focus on overall self development in the scholarly atmosphere that is the characteristic of a high quality professional training college.

Sports Facility

The exposure to co-curricular activities in the form of games, both indoor and outdoor & cultural activities helps to develop individual initiative, group leadership and cooperation in students. The institute has facilities for Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball, Foot Ball and Cricket.